Member variable TBrowse():hitTop Foundation

Indicates an attempt to move prior to the beginning of the data source.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical

This instance variable contains a logical value. It is assigned .T. (true) by the :stabilize() method if the beginning of the data source is encountered but not all pending skip requests are satisfied. When a movement request (other than going directly to the top of the data source) to move backwards is generated by one of TBrowse's methods, the code block in the instance variable :skipBlock is evaluated and passed the number of rows in the data source the method has requested to skip as a negative number. :skipBlock must be written to attempt to skip backward the requested number of rows, and return the number actually skipped. When the actual number skipped is less than the requested number, :stabilize() sets :hitTop .T. (true). In all other cases it is set to .F. (false).


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