Method TBrowse():configure() Foundation

Forces a TBrowse object to reconfigure itself for display.

:configure() --> self

:configure() returns a reference to the TBrowse object.


The method :configure() forces a TBrowse object to configure itself. A TBrowse object configures itself by testing all its instance variables and TBColumn objects, making changes as required. The data for the browse window is re-read from disk and the entire TBrowse object is redisplayed during the next stabilization. The method:configure() is only required after direct modification to certain instance variables or individual TBColumn objects. For example, after changing the display width of a column by modifying oTBColumn:widthor changing a column header by assigning a new value to oTBColumn:heading, :configure() should be called to ensure that the TBrowse display will reflect those changes.


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