Method TBrowse():viewArea() Foundation

Determines the coordinates for the data area of a TBrowse object.

:viewArea() --> aViewArea

The method :viewArea() returns an array containing 5 elements. The first four elements are the screen coordinates for the data area within the TBrowse window. These are the absolute coordinates for top, bottom, left and right. The fifth element contains the value zero unless the instance variable :freeze contains a value greater than zero. In this case, the fifth element returns the width of all "frozen" columns.


The method :viewArea() determines the coordinates for the data area of the TBrowse window and the width of all "frozen" columns. An example of how :viewArea() might be used is shown by the function TBtoMousePos() in the BROWUTIL.PRG file. This function provides mouse navigation for a TBrowse object.


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