Member variable TBrowse():colorSpec Foundation

Contains a character string containing two or more color pairs used to display the data.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character

This instance variable contains a character string which contains a comma separated list of color settings. The various colors are used by TBColumn objects for custom cell display within the browse window. The TBrowse object initializes :colorSpec to a character string containing the first two color settings returned by SetColor(). In this way, by default data in the browse window is displayed using the first color setting of SetColor() and the highlighted browse cursor is displayed using the second color setting (see the function SetColor()).

The programmer may include as many color settings as required in :colorSpec. By referencing different color pairs within :colorSpec, data in individual columns or even individual cells can be displayed in different colors by incorporating the appropriate values in the instance variables:defColor or :colorBlock of the particular TBColumn object (see TBColumn()).


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