Member variable XbpCrt():mouseMode Foundation

Determines whether mouse coordinates are given as graphics or text coordinates.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (XBPCRT_MOUSEMODE_VIO)

An XbpCrt window is a "hybrid" created to allow both text and graphics oriented output. XbpCrt windows handle both text based row and column coordinates and graphic xy coordinates. By default, when the mouse position is assigned to the first message parameter of AppEvent() the position is given in row and column coordinates. To return the position of the mouse in the XbpCrt window as xy coordinates, the #define constant XBPCRT_MOUSEMODE_PM must be assigned to the instance variable :mouseMode. There are only two valid constants for :mouseMode:

Constants for :mouseMode
Constant Description
XBPCRT_MOUSEMODE_VIO *) AppEvent() returns the mouse pointer position as row and column coordinates (text mode)
XBPCRT_MOUSEMODE_PM AppEvent() returns the mouse pointer position as graphic xy coordinates
  1. Default value


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