Method XbpCrt():presSpace() Foundation

Returns the presentation space linked to the XbpCrt window.

:presSpace() --> oPresSpace

This method returns the presentation space associated with the XbpCrt window. This is an object of the XbpPresSpace class rather than a MicroPS.


The method :presSpace() is used to determine the presentation space (PS) of an XbpCrt window. This differs from windows of the XbpWindow class in that it is a fully functional presentation space allowing graphic segments and paths to be defined. All of the Gra..() functions require that a PS be specified. By default, this is the PS of the XbpCrt window that is returned from SetAppWindow(). If drawing is to occur in another XbpCrt window, its presentation space must be determined using :presSpace() and passed as the first parameter to the Gra..() functions.


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