Member variable XbpCrt():fontName Foundation

Sets the name of the font for displaying characters in the text mode.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character ("Alaska Crt" | "System VIO")

:fontName sets the font for the text based display of characters in the XbpCrt window. :fontName is a character expression specifying the name of the font.

Font installation is performed by the method :create() or :configure(). To change the font used by an XbpCrt object that is already created, the methods :setFont() and :setFontCompoundName() can be used. If the requested font is not available, the font that provides the "best fit" gets installed. The value in :fontName then corresponds to the name of the font actually installed. See also :fontWidth and :fontHeight.

The default value is "System VIO".

The default value is "Alaska Crt".


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