Method XbpCrt():mapPoint() Foundation

Map a point from one coordinate space to another

:mapPoint( <oXbpDest>, <aPos> ) --> aPosMapped
<oXbpDest> contains the Xbase Part that defines the coordinate space the point is mapped to. The object passed in this parameter must be derived from either the class XbpWindow or XbpCrt.
<aPos> is an array containing the x and y coordinates of the point to be mapped to another coordinate space.

The method returns an array with two elements. It contains the x and y coordinates of the point specified relative to the coordinate system defined by<oXbpDest>.


Method :mapPoint() maps a point from the coordinate space of the XbpCrt window to that of another Xbase Part. Mapping points becomes necessary when a certain coordinate is used with an Xbase Part that is located on another level in the parent/child hierarchy. For example, the function GetPointerPos() returns the mouse pointer position in screen coordinates (see function AppDesktop()). To move a child object of the XbpCrt window to the position of the mouse pointer, the position must first be mapped to the XbpCrt window.. To this,:mapPoint() can be used.


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