Method XbpCrt():menuBar() Foundation

Installs an XbpMenubar object in the XbpCrt window.

:menuBar() --> oXbpMenubar

This method returns an XbpMenubar object used to display and manage a menu bar within the XbpCrt window.


The method :menuBar() creates an XbpMenubar object that has already been installed in the XbpCrt window. A menu system must be created for the XbpMenubar object using the:addItem() method. The menu system is then visible and can be activated within the XbpCrt window.

When a menu bar is installed in an XbpCrt window using :menuBar(), the height of the window is enlarged to include the height of the menu bar. This assures that the drawing area within the XbpCrt window always remains the same size and that the function MaxRow() always provides the correct value.

Windows requires that AppDesktop() is used as parent for an XbpCrt window when a menu system is installed in the window.

An XbpCrt window must have a menu system if other windows (MDI clients) are embedded into it. An MDI client window, however, cannot have its own menu system under Windows.


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