Member variable XbpToolBar():wrappable Foundation

Specifies whether tool bar buttons may be wrapped when the XbpToolBar object is resized.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

The instance variable :wrappable contains a logical value that controls the XbpToolBar's behaviour during a resize operation. If there is not enough space available for displaying a tool bar object's buttons side-by-side, the value assigned to :wrappablecontrols whether buttons may be moved (wrapped) to the next display row. If the value .T. (TRUE) is assigned to :wrappable, toolbar buttons are wrapped into the next row if available space is insufficient to display them in a single row. If .F. (FALSE) is assigned, buttons may be clipped at the XbpToolBar object's boundaries.

If buttons are wrapped into the next display row, the toolbar's height is automatically adjusted. This may affect other Xbase Parts placed adjacent to an XbpToolBar object. If the height of a toolbar object changes, the size change is reported to the application using an xbeP_Resize notification. SeeXbpWindow:resize() for further information.


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