Method XbpToolBar():setSize() Foundation

Changes the size of the Xbase Part.

:setSize( <aSize> [,<lPaint>] ) --> lSuccess
<aSize> := { nXsize, nYsize }
<aSize> is an array containing the new dimensions of the XbpToolBar object in the x and y directions.

The height of an XbpToolBar object is computed dynamically and cannot be controlled by the Xbase++ application. It is adjusted with respect to the captions and images displayed in the tool bar object's buttons. Consequently, the value specified in array element nYSize is ignored!

The parameter <lPaint> specifies whether the object is to be automatically redrawn when the method :setSize() returns.

The repaint behaviour cannot be changed for this Xbase Part. With XbpToolBar objects, a repaint is always performed when executing :setSize().


The method returns the value .T. (true) if the size of the tool bar object is changed, otherwise .F. (false) is returned.


The method :setSize() changes the size of the Xbase Part. The current size is determined using the method :currentSize().


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