Method XbpToolBar():restoreToolbar() Foundation

Restores a XbpToolBar object's button arrangement previously saved.

:restoreToolbar( <cKey>, <cSubKey> ) => lSuccess
The <cKey> parameter is a character string that specifies the name of the Registry key the toolbar's layout is saved under.
Parameter <cSubKey> contains a character string specifying the name of a sub-key in the system's Registry the toolbar's layout is saved under.

:restoreToolbar() returns a logical value. If the XbpToolBar object's button arrangement is restored successfully, the value .T. (TRUE) is returned. In case of an error,:restoreToolbar() returns .F. (FALSE).


The method :restoreToolbar() can be used to restore a toolbar button arrangement previously saved using :saveToolbar(). See :saveToolbar() for further information for saving and restoring XbpToolBar layouts.


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