Method XbpToolBar():customize() Foundation

Display a dialog for customizing a XbpToolBar object at run time.

:customize() => self

:customize() returns the object executing the method (self).


After an XbpToolBar object is created, the method :customize()can be used to display a dialog for customizing the object. Using the controls of the dialog, tool bar buttons can be hidden, redisplayed or rearranged by the user. If the dialog is closed, the event :change is generated.

If an application supports customizing its XbpToolBar object(s) by the user, it should consider using the method :saveToolbar()and :restoreToolbar() to make changes made in the customize dialog persistent.

The dialog can also be displayed by performing a double-click on the tool bar object if instance variable :allowCustomize contains the value .T. (TRUE).


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