Method XbpToolBar():saveToolbar() Foundation

Saves the XbpToolBar object's current button arrangement.

:saveToolbar( <cKey>, <cSubKey> ) => self
The <cKey> parameter is a character string that specifies the name of the Registry key used for saving the layout of the XbpToolBar object.
Parameter <cSubKey> contains a character string specifying the name of a sub-key in the system's Registry. The key is used to save the toolbar's layout under.

:saveToolbar() returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :saveToolbar() can be used by an Xbase++ application to save the object's current button arrangement. If the :allowCustomize instance variable contains the value .T. (TRUE), the user may alter the ordering and number of the tool bar buttons displayed via a customize dialog. To preserve the current tool bar layout when the application is exited, the method :saveToolbar()can be used. The button arrangement can be restored later using the :restoreToolbar() method.

The data saved by the :saveToolbar() method is stored in the system's Registry. Using the character strings passed in the <cKey> and <cSubKey> parameters, the Registry key is constructed as follows:



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