Member variable XbpToolBar():imageHeight Foundation

Specifies the height of the images displayed in the buttons defined in a XbpToolBar object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (0)

The instance variable :imageHeight contains a numeric value that specifies the height of the images displayed by buttons displayed by the XbpToolBar object. If this instance variable is left at its default value (0), images are assigned with their real height when tool bar buttons are added using method :addItem().

To prevent the buttons defined in an XbpToolBar instance from becoming being resized when images of different dimensions are used, an application may assign a numeric value to the :imageHeight instance variable. This causes all images used within the XbpToolBar object to be adjusted to the same height. To adjust the width to be used when displaying images, an application can use the :imageWidth instance variable.


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