Member variable XbpToolBar():allowCustomize Foundation

Specifies whether the user can customize the XbpToolBar object.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

When a double-click is performed over an instance of the XbpToolBar class, a dialog is displayed that allows the user to customize the tool bar object. The customize dialog provides controls to hide, display or rearrange buttons within the XbpToolBar object. This behaviour can be controlled using a toolbar's:allowCustomize instance variable. If the value .F. (FALSE) is assigned, the user can no longer activate the object's customize dialog.

If the customize dialog is used to change an XbpToolBar object's button arrangement, a change event is generated. See :change for further information. Also, the XbpToolBar class offers interfaces for saving the current button layout to the system's Registry for later restoration. See XbpToolBar:saveToolbar() for further information on this topic.


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