Member variable AutomationObject():interface Foundation

Interface of the connected COM/ActiveX object.

Data type: numeric

This instance variable contains the interface via which the AutomationObject is connected to the COM/ActiveX component. If an object is created via GetObject(), :interface contains a reference to the IUnknown interface of the COM/ActiveX component. If the object was returned by :queryInterface(), :getProperty(), :callMethod() or :invoke() then :interface contains the reference to the corresponding interface.

The value :interface can be used for passing a COM interface of a COM/ActiveX component to modules not developed in Xbase++. It is recommended to call :addRef() before the interface is accessed.

nIface := oAuto:interface 

// Pass the interface to a module 
// implemented in C/C++ 
MyFunction( nIface ) 

The value contained in :interface is a thread-local value. Reading this instance variable from another thread generally yields a different value.


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