Method AutomationObject():destroy() Foundation

Disconnects from a COM/ActiveX component.

:destroy() --> self

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The method :destroy() disconnects the ActiveXObject from the COM/ActiveX component. The connection between an AutomationObject and a COM/ActiveX object is established by the method :create()or the functions GetObject() and CreateObject().

The method :destroy() can be used for optimization purposes. Under normal circumstances, the connection between AutomationObjects and COM/ActiveX components is removed automatically by the Xbase++ Garbage Collector. However, in situations where a large number of AutomationObjects is created in a loop, for example, the asynchronuous nature of the Garbage Collector may cause unused AutomationObjects to accumulate before they are freed. Using method :destroy() to disconnect may increase application performance in such situations.

:destroy() does not necessarily remove the COM/ActiveX object from memory. If the COM/ActiveX component is hosted by an out-of-process automation server, the server often needs to be shut down explicitly before the COM/ActiveX component is freed. The Microsoft Office applications are a good example for this group of COM/ActiveX components. Please consult the documentation of the COM/ActiveX component for further information.


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