Method AutomationObject():translateColor() Foundation

Translates a COM/ActiveX color value to an Xbase++ color and vice versa

:translateColor( <nColor>, <lIsOLEColor> ) --> nColor
The color value to be translated. This may either be a COM/ActiveX color or an Xbase++ color value.
This parameter specifies whether the color in <nColor> is a COM/ActiveX or an Xbase++ color value. If .T. (TRUE) is passed for this parameter, <nColor> is assumed to contain a COM/ActiveX color value.

The method returns the translated equivalent to the color value passed. Depending on the value contained in the <lIsCOMColor>parameter, the return either is a COM/ActiveX or an Xbase++ color value.


ActiveX object and controls use a different color format than Xbase++ does. To assign an Xbase++ color value to a COM/ActiveX property, the class method:translateColor() must be used to convert the color before it is assigned to the property. Likewise, if a color value is returned as the return value of a COM/ActiveX method, it must be converted before it can be assigned as the background color for an Xbase Part for example.

The color to be converted is specified in the <nColor> parameter. To translate an Xbase++ color value, the application may pass one of the colors defined in the file GRA.CH (GRA_CLR_xxx), a system color (see XBPSYSCLR_xxx in file XBP.CH), or it may use the GraMakeRGBColor() function to create an RGB-encoded color value. If an Xbase++ color is translated, :translateColor()returns the equivalent COM/ActiveX color value. This value can be used with AutomationObject:setProperty(), for example.

If a COM/ActiveX color value is translated and .T. is passed in parameter <lIsOleColor>, the function returns an Xbase++ color as an RGB-encoded color value. RGB-encoded color values can be used with the Graphics Engine and Xbase Parts. The function GraGetRGBIntensity()can be used to determine the intensities of the individual color guns.


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