Method AutomationObject():getIDsOfNames() Foundation

Queries the dispatch IDs of properties and methods

:getIDsOfNames( <aName> | <cName> ) --> aID | nID | NIL
<aName> is an array of character strings, where the first element is the name of the method or property and the remaining elements are the names of the parameters.
<cName> is the name of a method or property for which the ID shall be queried.

If :getIDsOfNames() is called with <aNames> as a parameter, then the array returned has the same length as the original array. Each array array contains a numeric ID that corresponds to the name passed in the input array. If a name can not be resolved by :getIDsOfNames(), the corresponding element of the return array as well as all subsequent array elements are NIL.

If a method or property name is passed in parameter <cName>, :getIDsOfNames() returns the ID of the method or property. If the name could not be resolved, NIL is returned.


:getIDsOfNames() can be used to retrieving the IDs of methods and properties exposed by the COM interface used to connect to the COM/ActiveX object. The IDs can be used with the methods :callmethod(), :setProperty(), :getProperty() and :invoke().


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