Method AutomationObject():loadTypeLib() Foundation

Loads a typelibrary.

:loadTypeLib( <cTypelib> ) --> self
<cTypelib> is the path and file name of the type library to load.

This method returns the object executing the method. If the type library could not be loaded, a runtime error occurs.


:loadTypeLib() loads type library information at runtime. The information contained in a type library is required by the Xbase++ runtime system. A COM/ActiveX component without type library information cannot be used with Xbase++. A type library file usually has the suffix *.TLB.

Loading a type library is required for all COM/ActiveX components that do not come with built-in type library information. A typical usage pattern is to (A) create the COM/ActiveX component, (B) load the required type library, and (C) to query the desired interface.

// #define for easier access to COM interface GUID string 
#define NOTYPELIB_INTERFACE "{EED8A574-9435-4856-8FE4-8A5510544D11}" 

// Create the object and load its type library 
oCom := CreateObject( "CLSID.NoTypelib" ) 
oCom:loadTypeLib( "bin\typelib.tlb" ) 

// Request the required interface 
oICom := oCom:queryInterface( NOTYPELIB_INTERFACE ) 

// Use the COM/ActiveX object 

// Free resources 


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