Method XmlNode():setStandalone() Foundation

Specifies whether the XML document is declared as standalone.

:setStandAlone( <lIsStandalone ) --> self
A logical value which specifies whether the XML document is marked as standalone in the XML document declaration. If .T. (true) is passed, the document is marked as a standalone document. Otherwise, the XML document is flagged as not standalone.

:setStandalone() returns the object executing the method.


The method :setStandalone() can be used to change the standalone marker in the XML document declaration of an XML document. The standalone marker is an optional declaration instructing the XML parser on how to handle external markup declarations in a DTD. In standalone XML documents, such external markup declarations are ignored.

:setStandalone() can be called on any node of an XML document. The method then locates the document node for changing the standalone marker in the XML document definition. If the XmlNode() object is not associated with any XML document, that is, if the XMLNode object is a part of an XML graph without a document node, :setStandalone() raises a runtime error.

The XmlSimpleParser() is a non-validating parser and therefore does not validate the XML document.


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