Method XmlNode():createCData() Foundation

Creates a CDATA node.

CLASS METHOD :createCData( <cContent> ) --> oXmlNode
A character string defining the content of the CDATA node.

An XmlNode() object representing the new CDATA node.


The method :createCData() creates a CDATA node, which specifies a section of non-markup/text to the XML parser. CDATA sections can contain characters which normally have a special meaning in XML, such as the less-than (<) or the ampersand (&) characters. These can be used directly within a CDATA section, without having to be replaced by their equivalent named entitites (<, &). Program code or XML markup which is part of the document's content should be placed in a CDATA section, for example.

The CDATA node returned by :createCData() is not associated with any other node. Instead, it must be added to an existing node or document node using the :addChild() method.


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