Method XmlNode():createDocument() Foundation

Creates a document node representing an XML document.

CLASS METHOD :createDocument( <cRoot> [,<cVersion>] [,<cEncoding>] [,<lStandalone>] ) --> oXmlNode
A character string with the document node name of the XML document.
A character string with the version of the XML standard this XML document conforms to. The <cVersion> parameter is optional. The default value is "1.0".
The character encoding as an IANA string. Typically, this is "ISO-8859-1" through "ISO-8859-9" or "UTF-8". "ISO-8859-1". Parameter <cEncoding> is optional. It defaults to "ISO-8859-1".
A logical value specifying whether this document has a DTD. If the document has a DTD, .T. (true) must be passed in <lStandalone>. Otherwise, .F. (false) must be passed. The default value for <lStandalone> is .T..

An XmlNode() object representing the new document node.


The method :createDocument() creates a document node which represents an empty XML document. The supported version of the XML standard as well as the character encoding and standalone marker are a part of the XML document declaration section, can optionally be specified via the method's parameters.


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