Method XmlNode():getChilds() Foundation

Gets specific or all child nodes.

:getChilds( [<cName>] ) --> aChilds
An optional character string with the name of the child nodes which are to be returned. The node name must be specified as a local name, that is, as the node name without a namespace qualifier. If no node name is specified in <cName>, all child nodes are returned.

An array of XmlNode() objects representing the child nodes assigned to the node object.


The method :getChilds() retrieves the child nodes associated with the node object. By default, the method returns all child nodes. However, only a subset of the child nodes may optionally be requested by passing the node name in the <cName> parameter. If only a specific child node is to be retrieved, the method :getChild() may be used instead.

The node name specified in <cName> is case-insensitive. This behavior is Xbase++-specific. Although it does not conform to the XML standard, the case-insensitive behavior is in line with how names and symbols are treated in the Xbase++ language.


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