Method MIMEContent():setCharset() Professional

Specifies the charset of a single part.

:setCharset( [<cCharset>} ) --> cOldCharset
The optional character string <cCharset> specifies the charset of the content. Typical charsets used in conjunction with MIME content are Windows or ISO charsets, such as "Windows-1251", "ISO-8859-1" or "utf-8".

The method returns the previous charset setting.


This method can be used to specify the charset of the content of a message part. The charset has implications when setting or accessing the content using the methods MimeMessage:setMessage() and :getMessage(). Both methods perform automatic conversions from and to the character set used by the application under specific conditions.

To disable these automatic conversions, pass an empty string ("") in the <cCharset> parameter. This must be done prior to assigning or accessing the content.


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