Method MIMEContent():encodeQuotedPrintable() Professional

Create a MIMEContent object from an ASCII character string.

:encodeQuotedPrintable( <cContent>, <cContentType> ) --> oMIMEContent
<cContent> is a character string from which the MIMEContent object will be created.
<cContentType> is a character string specifying the content-type of the MIMEContent object.

The class method :encodeQuotedPrintable() returns an instance of the class MIMEContent.


The class method :encodeQuotedPrintable() can be used to create an object of the class MIMEContent. Hereby, the content is passed as the first parameter and will be automatically encoded as quoted-printable. For an example, please refere to the html e-mail sample of the MIMEMessage class documentation.

The content-type that is passed as the second parameter can be used to specify the type of contents. After sending the content via e-mail, for example, this information can be used to determine by which application the content can be displayed.


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