Method MIMEContent():getMessage() Professional

Retrieves the message body of a single part.

:getMessage() --> cMessage

The method returns the message body of a content part as character string.


The message body of a content part can be plain text or binary information originating from file attachments, for example. This can be determined via the content type of a part. If the method :getFileName() returns a file name, :getMessage() returns the contents of the attached file.

When returning text content, the returned character string is automatically converted to the character set used by the application (ANSI or OEM). This automatic conversion is performed only if the content uses a compatible charset.

Automatic characterset conversion
Content charset Return value
Charset corresponding to system locale, eg. "Windows-1252" ANSI or OEM string depending on SET CHARSET setting
UTF-8 ANSI or OEM string depending on SET CHARSET setting
ISO or other charset Raw data/no conversion

The method :isConverting can be used to check if the content part uses a compatible charset and is converted by :getMessage(). To disable the automatic conversion, use the method :setCharset().


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