Method MIMEContent():createFromFile() Professional

Create a MIMEContent object from a file.

:createFromFile( <cFileName> ) --> oMIMEContent | NIL
<cFileName> specifies the name of the file that is used to create an object of the class MIMEContent.

The class method :createFromFile() creates and returns an instance of the class MIMEContent. If an error occurs, NIL is returned. This may occur when the file cannot be loaded.


The class method :createFromFile can be used to create an object of the class MIMEContent. The object returned by this method contains the content of the file that is passed in parameter <cFileName>.

When <cFileName> is read from disk, its contents will be automatically encoded either as quoted-printable or base64, depending on the filename suffix.

If more control over how the content is encoded is needed, one of the methods :encodeBase64 or :encodeQuotedPrintablecan be used.

In the MIMEMessage sample section, an example can be found where these methods are used to create a html e-mail.


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