Method MIMEMessage():setMessage() Professional

Assigns the text body.

:setMessage( <cText> ) --> lSuccess
The parameter is a character string containing the textual information of an e-mail.

The method returns .T. (true) if the text could be assigned and .F. (false) otherwise.


The textual content of an e-mail must be passed as a formatted character string including carriage return/line feed characters (Chr(13)+Chr(10)), unless text formatting is left to the mail reader.

:setMessage() can perform an automatic conversion of the textual content to the character set used with the MIME message. This character set is selected using the method MimeContent:setCharset(). The behavior of :setMessage() regarding the conversion is as follows:

Automatic character set conversion
Charset set via :setCharset() Behavior
Charset corresponding to system locale, eg. "Windows-1252" Automatic conversion to selected charset if application uses SET CHARSET OEM
UTF-8 Automatic conversion from application charset to UTF-8
ISO or other charset No conversion
No charset specified System locale (Windows charset) is used, automatic conversion if applicaction uses SET CHARSET OEM

This automatic conversion can be disabled. See the method MIMEContent:setCharset() for further information.


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