Method MIMEMessage():createFromString() Professional

Creates an instance of the MIMEMessage class from a string.

:createFromString( <cString> ) --> oMimeMessage
The parameter cString is a character string that is to be transformed to an instance of the class MimeMessage.

The method returns an instance of the MIMEMessage class.


The method :createFromString() can be used to create an instance of the class MIMEMessage from a character string. The character string can be is retrieved via a POP3Client instance and its method :getMessageString():

// Retrieve the first e-mail from the e-mail server as character string 
cMimeMessageString := oPop3Client:getMessageString(1) 

// Transform the string to an instance of the class MIMEMessage 
oMimeMessage := MimeMessage():createFromString( cMimeMessageString ) 

This method is also usefull to process MIMEContent() objects that contain an e-mail. Whether an e-mail is contained in a MimeContent object can be examined via it's content type:

cContentType := oMimeContent:getContentType() 
IF "message/rfc822" $ Lower(cContentType) 
   oMimeMessage := MimeMessage():createFromString( oMimeContent:getMessage() ) 


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