Member variable XbpRtf():selReadOnly Foundation

Specifies whether the text in the current selection can be edited by the user.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logic (.F.)

The :selReadOnly instance variables contains a logical value that specifies whether the user can modifiy the text currently selected in the XbpRtf object. If .F. (FALSE) is assigned to :selReadOnly, the text cannot be edited.

If the text in the current selection contains both readable and editable sections of text, the instance variable :selReadOnly contains the value NIL. This value represents an indeterminate state that the Xbase++ application may chose to visualize in its user interface. Some word processor applications use grayed controls to visualize conflicting properties in the current selection, for example.

NIL is valid value for reading only. A run time error results, if an attempt is made to assign NIL to the :selReadOnly instance variable.


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