Member variable XbpRtf():selCharOffset Foundation

Specifies how characters are placed within the current selection.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Character (0)

The property contains a numeric value that specifies how characters are placed with respect to the baseline. The baseline is a virtual line used for character placement. Normally, characters are placed so that the general parts extend above the baseline. Changing the value contained in :selCharOffset allows an Xbase++ application to control how the characters in the current selection are placed.

Character placement using :selCharOffset
Value Effect on character placement
(Positive Integer) Superscript: Characters are placed above the baseline
0 Normal Placement: Characters are aligned with the baseline
(Negative Integer) Subscript: Characters are placed below the baseline

The value contained in the :selCharOffset instance variable is specified in twips ("twentieth of a point"). This value relates to the font size as follows: <size in twips> :=:selFontSize * 20.

Changing the value in :selCharOffset does not affect the size the text is displayed with. It only affects character placement. Word processor applications usually also reduce the font size for creating subscript or superscript effects.

If the text in the current selection contains sections with both subscript and superscript text, the instance variable :selCharOffset contains the value NIL. This value represents an indeterminate state that the Xbase++ application may chose to visualize in its user interface. Some word processor applications use grayed controls to visualize conflicting properties in the current selection, for example.

NIL is a valid value for reading only. A run time error results, if an attempt is made to assign NIL to the :selCharOffset instance variable.


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