Method XbpRtf():print() Foundation

Prints the text buffer.

:print( [<oXbpPrinter>], [<lOnlySelection>] ) --> self
Optionally, an XbpPrinter object can be passed for this parameter. If NIL is passed for this parameter or if it is omitted, the text buffer of the XbpRtf object is printed on the default printer.
If .T. (true) is passed for this parameter, only the text currently selected is printed. <lOnlySelection> defaults to .F. (false).

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The :print() method prints the contents of the text buffer of an XbpRtf object. If no parameters are passed, the entire text buffer is printed on the default printer. To direct output to a specific printer, an XbpPrinter object configured for that printer must be passed to the method.


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