Member variable XbpMLE():wordWrap Foundation

Displays text using automatic word wrap.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

The instance variable :wordWrap contains the value .T. (true) by default. This means that the text is wrapped so that it is completely displayed in the edit window. Individual text lines that contain more characters than can be displayed within the edit window are automatically wrapped at the spaces between words. If the instance variable is set to .F. (false), new lines are started in the edit window only when CRLF explicitly appears in the edit buffer. Text lines that contain more characters than can be displayed in the edit window are cut off and the text must be horizontally scrolled in order to view all the characters.

Under Windows, the automatic word wrapping occurs when one line of text exceeds the length of 1024 characters. The horizontal scrollbar must be switched off to achieve a word wrapping within the visible area of the edit window (oXbpMLE:horizScroll := .F.).


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