Method XbpMLE():setEditable() Foundation

Sets whether the edit buffer of the XbpMLE object is READONLY.

:setEditable( [<lEditable>] ) --> lOldSetting
<lEditable> is a logical value that specifies whether the text contained in the edit buffer of the XbpMLE object can be modified. If the value is .T. (true) characters can be input, otherwise the edit buffer cannot be changed.

This method returns whether the XbpMLE object was editable before the :setEditable() method was called.


The :setEditable() method determines whether the XbpMLE object can be edited without having to call the :configure() method. Normally, whether the text buffer of the XbpMLE object can be edited is defined using the instance variable :editable which must be set before the method :create() is called. When there is a change to the readonly status of the XbpMLE object after the call to :create(), the :setEditable() method is used. This method should not be confused with the :disable() method that makes the XbpMLE object inaccessible. When the edit buffer is defined as readonly using :setEditable( .F. ), the text can still be scrolled and selected. Additional characters cannot be input, but selected characters can be copied to the clipboard.


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