Method XbpMLE():showBalloonTip() Foundation

Displays a balloon-like window with information on the entry field.

:showBalloonTip( [<nType>], [<cTitle>], <cText> ) --> lSuccess
<nType> is a numeric value that defines the type of tip window to display. The following table lists the tip types recognized by the system.
Types of ballon tips
Constant Description
XBP_TIPDEFAULT *) Default tip window for displaying uncategorized text
XBP_TIPINFO Tip window for displaying informational text, contains information icon
XBP_TIPWARNING Tip window for displaying warning messages, contains warning icon
XBP_TIPERROR Tip window for displaying error messages, contains error icon
XBP_TIPINFOLARGE Same as XBP_TIPINFO, but contains larger icon
XBP_TIPWARNINGLARGE Same as XBP_TIPWARNING, but contains larger icon
XBP_TIPERRORLARGE Same as XBP_TIPERROR, but contains larger icon
  1. Default Value
Parameter <nType> is optional. Its default value is XBP_TIPDEFAULT.
<cTitle> is a character string with the title of the balloon tip. This parameter is optional and defaults to the empty string (""), meaning no title is shown.
<cText> is a character string with the text to display in the balloon tip.

This method returns the value .T. (true) if the balloon tip could be displayed, otherwise it returns .F. (false).


The method :showBalloonTip() displays a balloon-like information window, similar to a tool tip. Balloon tip windows are typically used to display incorrect input during form validation, and provide a visual cue as to which entry field contains erroneous data. Use method :hideBalloonTip() to hide the tip window.

A manifest file or resource must be defined for the application for balloon tips to be displayed. If no manifest is defined, calling :showBalloonTip() has no effect.

// An example for using :showBalloonTip() can be found 
// in the documentation of method XbpSLE:showBalloonTip() 


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