Method XbpMLE():setWrap() Foundation

Turn on or off automatic word wrap in the edit window.

:setWrap( [<lWrap>] ) --> lOldWrap
<lWrap> is an optional, logical value that turns the automatic word wrap on or off. If the value passed is .T. (true) the word wrap is turned on.

This method returns whether word wrap was turned on before the :setWrap() method was called.


The :setWrap() method turns the automatic word wrap in the edit buffer display on or off after the :create() method has been executed. Generally, the word wrap mode is set using the :wordWrapinstance variable. The method :setWrap() allows this display mode to be switched without reconfiguring the system resource of the XbpMLE object with an explicit call to :configure().

Under Windows, the automatic word wrapping occurs when one line of text exceeds the length of 1024 characters. The horizontal scrollbar must be switched off to achieve a word wrapping within the visible area of the edit window (oXbpMLE:horizScroll := .F.).


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