Event XbpMLE():vScroll Foundation

The character string in the XbpMLE object has been vertically scrolled.

:vScroll := {| uNIL1, uNIL2, self | ... }
:vScroll () --> self
xbeMLE_VScroll (1048865)

This method returns the object executing the method (self).


The character string in the edit buffer of the XbpMLE object can contain more characters than can be displayed in the edit window on the screen. In this case, the character string is scrolled vertically when characters are entered or viewed that are above or below the visible limits of the edit window. Each time the text in the edit window is vertically scrolled up or down, the event xbeMLE_VScroll is generated and the :vScroll() callback method or the corresponding callback code block is executed.


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