Member variable XbpFont():mbcs Foundation

Determines whether the font uses a "mixed byte character set" (MBCS).

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

Most fonts access character sets where each character is represented by a single byte ("single byte character set" SBCS). These character sets include a maximum of 256 characters. For many languages a "double byte character set" (DBCS) is used where each single character is represented by two bytes and a much larger character set is supported. A "mixed byte character set" (MBCS) is a combination of these two types. This means that the character set includes some characters that are represented by one byte and other characters that are represented by two bytes. When the instance variable :mbcs contains the value .T. (true), the font is an MBCS format. Generally this instance variable contains the value .F. (false).

This property is not supported on Windows platforms.


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