Member variable XbpFont():height Foundation

Determines the height of a font.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Numeric (0)

The instance variable :height contains the height of a font. This is used along with the :width instance variable to determine the type size of a font. The interpretation of the font height depends on the units set for the presentation space the font object is used with, see XbpPresSpace() and :new(). When doing output to the screen, the value in :height normally corresponds to the number of pixels taken up by the font characters. When output is sent to a printer, the presentation space will normally be configured to use device independent units of measurement, such as GRA_PU_LOMETRIC. In this case, the font height would be interpreted to be specified in 1/10 millimeter.

The character height is also affected by the setting of the :nominalPointSize property, which allows to specify the font height using typographical units ("points"). If both instance variables contain values other than 0, :height has precedence over instance variable :nominalPointSize.


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