Member variable XbpFont():antiAliased Foundation

Determines whether the font is an "antialiased" font.

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.T.)

If the :antiAliased instance variable contains .T. (true), an "antialiased" font is created. A diagonal line always appears on the screen as a series of squares similar to a staircase. An "antialiased" font makes these steps appear smoother for the human eye using different gray tones. This allows the diagonal lines in characters such as the "A" or "V" to appear smoother.

Windows XP and newer operating systems use the Microsoft ClearType technology to optimize display of on-screen text. The ClearType feature can be switched on or off in the Control Panel. Starting with Windows Vista, ClearType is enabled by default. In this case, text rendered in an Xbase Part or using the Graphics Engine may be subject to optimization by the ClearType algorithm. Generally, this produces text which is much scrisper and better readable. However, the minute changes applied on the pixel level may introduce problems in some cases. If the same line of text is rendered twice in different colors, the second run may not completely erase the text previously rendered, but may leave artifacts in the areas shaded by ClearType. In this case, font antialising must be disabled for the font by setting :antiAliased to .F. (false). This must be done prior to calling the method :Create().


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