Member variable XbpFont():bold Foundation

Determines whether the font is "Bold".

Attribute: EXPORTED
Data type: Logical (.F.)

If the instance variable :bold contains the value .T., a "bold" font is selected. Characters of this font are drawn with thicker lines and are thus accentuated.

The thickness of letters in the font selected is also controlled by the :weightClass property, which allows for finer control over fonts available in font weights other than "normal" and/or "bold". Assigning the value .T. (TRUE) to the :bold instance variable is equivalent to requesting a font weight of XBPFONT_WEIGHT_BOLD. If the value .F. (FALSE) is assigned to the :bold property before calling :create()or :configure(), a font with the default weight is selected. Note though, that unless the value XBPFONT_WEIGHT_DONT_CARE or XBPFONT_WEIGHT_NORMAL is specified for :weightClass, this property has precedence over the :bold instance variable.


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