Method XbpFont():new() Foundation

Creates an instance of the XbpFont class.

XbpFont():new( [<oPS>] ) --> oXbpFont
The <oPS> parameter specifies the presentation space (PS) the font is to be used with. This parameter is optional. A PS only needs to be specified if the font is to be used on devices other than the screen. A presentation space object should also be passed if custom units are selected for the coordinate system of the PS that is used for output. This only applies to presentation space objects created using XbpPresSpace:create(). If no presentation space is specified, a font is created that can only be used on the screen. The metrics of the font are returned in the unit pixel.

The class method :new() returns an XbpFont object. To make a font available the values for the description of the font must be assigned to the instance variables of the XbpFont object. The font is then loaded into memory using the method :create().


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