Function GetKillActive() Foundation

Removes input focus from the active Get object.

GetKillActive() --> lKilled

The return value of GetKillActive() is a logical value. When input focus has been removed from an active Get object or when no Get object exists with input focus, the function returns the value .T. (true). When the active Get object has not relinquished focus, .F. (false) is returned.


GetKillActive() is a service function in the Get system that is only relevant when used with Xbase++ Parts. It removes input focus from the Get object before an Xbase++ Part handles the event.

GetKillActive() forces the Get object to perform a data validation on its edit buffer contents. If the validation fails, the contents of the edit buffer are discarded and the original contents are restored. This standard behavior by a failed data validation is regulated by the #define constant _FORCE_KILL_GET in GETSYS.PRG (see the source code of GetKillActive() in GETSYS.PRG).


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