Function ReadKill() Foundation

Terminates the READ command or ReadModal().

ReadKill( [<lToggle>] ) --> lKillRead
<lToggle> is a logical expression. If .T. (true) is passed, the current ReadModal() or READ command is terminated. The result is identical to that achieved with the command CLEAR GETS.

When ReadKill() is called without an argument, it returns the current setting as a logical value. If <lToggle> is passed, it becomes the new setting and the value of the old setting is returned.


In the Xbase++ standard Get system, the function ReadKill() administers a logical switch which allows the READ command or the function ReadModal() to be terminated, even though the user has not yet reached the last input field. It is used with nested READ commands, or when user-defined Get readers specified in the instance variable oGet:reader, are executed.

With each call of ReadModal(), ReadKill() is automatically set to the value .F. (false).


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