Function GetDoSetkey() Foundation

Executes a code block during input to a Get object.

GetDoSetkey( <bKeyBlock>, <oGet> ) --> NIL
<bKeyBlock> is the code block that has been set to a specific key by SetKey() or SetAppEvent().
<oGet> is the Get object with input focus. It is identical to the return value of GetActive().

The return value of GetDoSetkey() is always NIL.


The function GetDoSetkey() implements a Get service routine that executes a code block during data input. Four arguments are passed to the code block:

Eval( bKeyBlock, cReadProcname, cReadProcline, cReadVar, oGet ) 

The first and second arguments are the name of the module (->ProcName()) and the program line (->ProcLine()) in which the last call to ReadModal() took place. The third argument is the name of the Get variable and the fourth argument is the Get object.

Explicitly calling the function GetDoSetkey() is normally not required when working with Get objects. It is automatically called by GetApplyKey() and saves the system variables of the Get system before the code block is executed.

When GetDoSetKey() is executed and the active Get object contains invalid data, a Get:undo() occurs. Without Get:undo(), data validation (->VALID Option with @...GET) cannot be guaranteed.


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