Functions and Directives

Function GetActive() Foundation

Returns the Get object that has input focus.

GetActive( [<oGet>] ) --> oGet | NIL
If the optional parameter <oGet> is passed, it becomes the active Get object.

GetActive() returns the Get object that currently has input focus. If no Get object has focus, GetActive() returns NIL.


GetActive() is a service function of the Xbase++ Get system. It returns the Get object which has input focus and can also be used to set focus to the Get object passed as an optional argument.

GetActive(), as a rule, is only used for determining the active Get object so that messages can be sent to it. It is often used with another function such as SetAppEvent() or in a SetKey() procedure.

GetActive() usage in a SET KEY function
// In the example, a code block that allows a READ to be terminated is 
// assigned to the F10 key. The code block determines the active 
// Get object and sets its exit status to terminate the READ. 

#include "" 

   LOCAL cString := "A String", nNumber := 10, bBlock 

   // Save the old code block and provide a new one 
   bBlock := SetKey( K_F10, {|| GetActive():exitState := GE_WRITE} ) 

   @ 10,10 SAY "Text  :" GET cString 
   @ 12,10 SAY "Number:" GET nNumber 

   SetKey( K_F10, bBlock )          // Reinstall old code block 


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