Functions and Directives

Function DbScope() Foundation

Checks if a scope is set in a work area.

DbScope( [<nScope>] ) --> xScope | aScopeBoth | lIsScope
A #define constant listed in STD.CH is used for <nScope>.
Constants for scopes
Constant Description
SCOPE_BOTH Specifies top and bottom scope values.
SCOPE_BOTTOM Specifies the bottom scope value
SCOPE_TOP Specifies the top scope

The return value of DbScope() depends on the passed parameter:

Return values of DbScope()
Parameter Description
no parameter Returns .T. (true) if a scope is defined, otherwise .F. (false)
SCOPE_BOTH Returns an array with two elements holding the top and bottom scope values. If either scope is not defined, the corresponding array element contains the value NIL.
SCOPE_BOTTOM Returns the bottom scope value, or NIL if no bottom scope is set.
SCOPE_TOP Returns the top scope value, or NIL if no top scope is set.


The function DbScope() is used to check if a scope is set in a work area and what values the top and bottom scope are set to.


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