Statement HIDDEN: Foundation

Limits visibility of methods and member variables to the class


The keyword HIDDEN: determines the visibility attribute for subsequently declared member variables and methods within the class declaration. The member variables and methods which are declared after HIDDEN: are only visible within the source code for the methods of the declared class, and can be examined or called only within these methods. They are not visible in subclasses nor in the rest of the program. HIDDEN: is the default visibility attribute which is used for all member variables and methods until another visibility attribute is specified.

HIDDEN: implementation
CLASS classA 
  VAR varA                         // Visibility is  HIDDEN: 

  VAR varB, varC                   // Globally visible 
  METHOD methodA, methodB 

  VAR varD, varE                   // Visible only in methods of 
  METHOD methodC, methodD          // ClassA 



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